Admission and membership | Club Layout | History

Admission and membership:-

Slimelight is open every Saturday from 23:00 until 07:30 (except 24/25/26 December if a Saturday) and on New Years Eve.

Standard entrance price: £5 members, £8 non-members.

New Years Eve has a different price structure with advance tickets available for purchase.

From time to time free entry to the club before midnight is offered to members, and this is advertised in advance.

Dress policy: we operate an alternative style dress policy.

To become a member collect a form the front desk when you attend the club, complete the form and have 2 existing members counter sign it, hand the form back in at the front desk and pay your initial membership fee (currently £10). Your membership card is then issued and is available for collection from the front desk the next time you attend or sent out by post. Membership is renewable annually and costs £5. You cannot obtain membership online or in advance.

Club Layout:-

Slimelight always operates 2 dance floors: a darkwave / trad goth room (usually in the cake room or the ground level dance floor), and an ebm/electro/tbm/aggrotech/futurepop room (usually on the middle level dance floor or the ground level main dance floor). From time to time we run a 3rd dance floor (usually on the top level dance floor) playing “Industec/noise”. 3 floor nights use the entire club, whereas 2 floor nights can use various configurations of the venue.

Ground level: Entrance, office, dance floor with stage for live bands, courtyard with tube train bar and BBQ, “the cake room” which has a bar and often operates as a dance floor or hosts alternative karaoke, and a small cinema area. The cloakroom may be run on this floor.

Middle level: dance floor, bar. The cloakroom may be run on this level.

Top level: dance floor with a stage for live bands, bar.

There is also an external smoking area.


The club has operated in it’s current home on Torrens Street (aka Electowerkz / The Islington Metal Works) since 1987 and the the roots of the club go back to the mid 1980s club the Kit Kat which was a regular “goth/glam/punk/electronic” party running  in Ladbroke Grove. The name of the club comes from the fact that for a brief period in the summer of 1987 the club was held in a disused church on High Holborn and “The Slimelight” is a parody of “The Limelight” which at the time was a famous London club located in a church on Shaftesbury Avenue. The membership scheme originally existed to get around the licensing laws of the time which meant the club was able to stay open all night.

The venue at 7 Torrens Street was actually built way back in the 19th century, and was originally used as a stable for the horses that pulled the trams of the early London transport system. In 1925 it became a metal works (even today, part of the building is used to run a scrap metal merchant operation), and in the 1980s in a state of decay it started to be used as “Electrowerkz” by Slimelight management to run the regular Saturday club night and for indoor paintball. The ground level was extensively refurbished in 2008 and 2009 due to its temporary use as a popular pop-up restaurant/club called the Double Club which was the brainchild of artist Carsten Höller. Following this refurbishment the venue began to provide space for regular 3rd party club nights and gigs, as well being available to hire for weddings and exhibitions under the name “The Islington Metal Works”.